Who authors our destiny?

Oprah says you’re growing into who you’re supposed to be; I’ve believed for a long time that we choose our own fate. We make our own plan. Kind of like our soul looking through a book and picking destinations to visit in life. I believe in reincarnation. Our soul comes back and gets another chance at life. We get to practice the skills again we once worked on, especially the ones we didn’t master yet. Our soul is like a work in progress. I don’t believe in God crafting our master plan. I’m not sure what God is exactly but energy, or some form of it that connects everyone. It’s easier to talk about God as if he or she was a person. Like a parent watching out for us. Supporting us when we are weak. Lifting us. Listening to us. I don’t think God is tangible like that but it makes it easier to begin to understand God and talk about her.

I see God as the nurturing parent. She says, “Are you sure it’s not too much when?” when we are crafting our plan for life. God facilitates our life. God empowers us to live our own life. But we’re supported by God along the way. We’re not left alone in this messy life.

When things go wrong, we blame God because we think she is responsible for it or could’ve done something to prevent it. But really, in some way we chose it. We’re not to blame for it. But we’re supposed to go through it, or something like it in order for the soul to grow. I don’t believe the fine details are carved out. But there is a master plan.

I believe we have the autonomy to change the plan as we go based on the decisions we make. It’s not crafted in stone. It’s not destiny.

Sometimes we resist. We struggle so much against something. In the end, what it does is good. Maybe it was supposed to be exactly the way it was.

Our experiences make us who we are. They make us into the people we are today. We get to choose how we react to the things that happen in our lives. There is a process we need to go through first before any good can come from harm and we need to honour that process.

In these moments how you respond to challenges makes you who you are. It’s important to give yourself the space to grieve. Until you allow yourself that space, you can’t accept the hard reality. You can’t move on. Allow yourself to experience these emotions. They are such tough emotions but they are normal. They make you human. If you bury the emotion, you just push them down deeper. They don’t go away. They brew and rise to the surface when you least expect it. These emotions manifest in other ways.

Feel the emotions. Accept what is. Then use this struggle as an opportunity to create good. It’s more than trying to find the silver lining. There’s more than trying to find the good that happened in the bad. It’s not just looking on the bright side, or finding the light that’s happened in the darkness. There’s more to it. It’s great to see the benefit of harm but there’s more to it. There’s more that you can make out of that harm.

It’s about using that struggle to create something really wonderful to help someone. It’s using that struggle to inspire you to help. It’s using that struggle to make the world better. So when something bad happens to you, it’s OK to feel sad about it. It’s OK to be angry. Then you can accept that it happened. Then you can make something truly magical come from it.

When you can take adversity, and create something good from it, your soul grows. You become more of who you’re supposed to be. Who you want to be.



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